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  1. Hi Mal, i’ve always loved your reviews and now I love your site. Just wanted to let you know that some of the links are broken in the faq about what are the most read reviews. For example I tried to get to favorit sci fi and that seemed broken.
    take care,

  2. New site looks great, but what I really love is your new book (Business Solution to Poverty). It’s a very smart, honest take on what’s not worked in the past, and what will work moving forward. Thank you (and Paul)!

  3. Could not ‘contact’ using the contact box.
    Just wanted to thank you for not including The Martian in your list of favorite scifi. I LOVE science fiction but as we drove across the country moving from NC to CA we listened to it as a book on tape and it nearly put me to sleep, not a good idea while driving. I loved the movie, it was a good story but the science was so flawed.
    Glyphus publishes scientific fiction that I think you would find list worthy. Veteran science writer Dennis Meredith creates his science thrillers based on his decades of experience working at leading research universities such as Cornell, MIT and Caltech.

    • I have no idea which post of mine you’re referring to. I read and loved The Martian. I can understand that it could put you to sleep, because it was full of engineering details. You say the science was flawed, but others have disagreed. I have no way to judge.

      I checked out Dennis Meredith’s books on Amazon. None of them appealed to me. And, BTW, it was clear that his writing was not based exclusively on hard science.

  4. Hi Mal, thanks for your Social responsibilities and Concern towards the Poor and de Environment! I have fallen in Love with your blog!

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